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Lymphedema Supplies Fitting Guides

We carry a full line of Juzo Lymphedema supplies in our storefront but only sell the Compression Arm Sleeves in our online store.  Please contact us for special orders of Gloves or Gauntlets.

The Juno Soft and Juno Varin Soft are sold in two compressions, Sizes I-VI, in Regular or Long Lengths

For more information about sizing I-VI and Regular an dlong Lengths,

Click Here to Download arm sleeve and gauntlet fitting guide

Breast Form Sizing Chart
  • Find your bra cup size in the chart to the right,
  • Follow the row horizontally, to find your band size,
  • Follow this column vertically down to the form size


Bra Fitting Guide Information

After surgery we always recommend that you be professionally fitted for your bra and breast form.  However, as your body changes you may need to check your measurements to see if it’s time for a new bra size.

Here is a good guide for choosing your bra size: